Winter’s Barren Beach

Winter’s Barren Beach

by Hugh A Tague


Winter has come again
and nothing is quite the same
the sun has all but gone
and the skies are always gray.

Jack Frost’s snow
has enveloped the barren beach
his ferocious wind
whipped up the stormy sea.

Still it’s really quite beautiful
in its own way
each of nature’s seasons
must be given its own day.

Soon the Summer’s sun
shall warm the shore again
the beach no longer barren
it shall fill with family and friends.

Photograph by  Dave Richartz Photography
Photograph by
Dave Richartz Photography

Trespass of the Ice Fairies

1518112_608707465849549_727978857_o (1)

Who boldly trespass in the dark of night,
leaving only etchings for me to see?
Eluding detection, hidden from sight,
truly clever intruders they must be.
Gravity to them simply does not apply,
frolicking about on my sideways pane.
Is it magic? Or perhaps they can fly?
Ah yes! Flight is the secret of their reign.
Visions of whimsy, my mind’s eye beholds.
Dancing and skating upon my window’s ice.
Seemingly boundless, thriving in the cold;
who’s impressions vanish with the new day’s light.
As I sleep, they flutter about my home.
I take solace, in that I’m not all alone.
                                                  ~Hugh A Tague