Paradox Patriots


Within his gaslights amber glow
White privilege is on parade
His minions free to frolic and prey
In their fairyland of wealth and fame.
All kowtow before the faux King
From sinful sequestration rise
The army of the forgotten man
With fascist fire in their eyes.
False prophets sow ignorance and hate
Paradox Patriots reap treason’s pay.
America take heed make no mistake.
They are all indeed,Enemies of the State.
~ Hugh A Tague

Young America Sings Democracy’s Song

young america sing democracy_s song

From the ash of disaster rise the strong
Sown resolve forged in Colonial foundries
A new warrior floods the commonwealth
Young America sings Democracy’s song.

Beneath the blades of grass lies unrest
Wolves in shepherd’s robes forsake safety
Innocents taken paid the Devil In full
Classroom killing fields filthy with death.

A child soldier wields the Sword of Light
Striking the glutinous beast bowel deep
The creature’s squeal deafens the swamp
Traitors and thieves beg for their lives.

From the ash of disaster rise the strong.
Young America sings Democracy’s song.

by, Hugh A Tague
inspired by; Walt Whitman’s
I Hear America Singing

Omayra’s Smile

Omyra's smile

by, Hugh A Tague

Pressure below the ground began to build
Smoke and ash billowed into the night’s sky
The earth’s crust shook and became fire tilled
Over the next few days many will die.
In this place where happy children once played
Omayra is locked in sunken debris
Her precious new life is no longer safe
Scared and lonely she struggles just to breathe.
Hearing her cries many gathered around
She faced death with the smile she put on
But no one could pull the girl from the ground
After three days  Omayra’s life was gone.
The earth was angry and took her away.
Omayra’s sweet smile lives on today.

True Love Knows No Gender

True love knows no genderBy, Hugh A Tague

True love has no limits, no earthly bounds
Feelings so pure and good, no man can judge
No court or church can define it out loud
None has the right for that union begrudge.
Not gender nor race does this great love know
Enlightened grace sent from a far away star
Their souls come together, as passions grow
Ignorance and hate can’t change who they are.
Nothing or no one can keep them apart
Sweet adoration a gift to them both
There’s no bad love, when it comes from the heart
The universe their church, love is their oath.
A love so pure it can not be undone.
Two lover’s hearts begin to beat as one.


The Mark Above My Brow

The mark above my browBy, Hugh A Tague III

The mark above my brow the symbol of life
a smudge of admiration.

A reminder of sacrifice freely given a celebrated life
of love and understanding.

Forty days and nights the serpent torments tempting resolve defeated
he returns alone.

Winter’s cold wind the ashes chase away the triumphant light returns
palms are laid.

From the dust life begins to burst then as ashes
we return to the earth.

A smudge of admiration the symbol of life
the mark above my brow.


One Fleeting Moment In Time


By Hugh A Tague
From crimson encrusted sand, fortifications grow skyward
refugees entrenched upon not one, but both sides
a siren’s wail warns of imminent incoming fire
here collateral damage is the benchmark
not a misguided consequence of war.

Amidst the smell of gunpowder and burning fuel
for just one moment, a superpower shines bright
his sidelocks breach the wall, brushing her cheek
her lips touch his and take them both to another place
a place where their children can play in peace.

For one fleeting moment in time
flags colors blend, love and indifference stand
two hearts divided by mortar and stone become one
true love’s kiss conquered all things wrong
for one fleeting moment in time.

Hugh A Tague 7/31/14



(Free Rhyme Quatrain)
by, Hugh A Tague

Crops and  flowers no longer flourish here
windows boarded up no one to look out
sounds of children playing heard never more
no neighbors to stop and knock at the door.

Once rich and fertile land now lies barren
no life dwells as far as the eye can see
no animals nor ox to pull a plow
four walls and a roof are all that’s left now.

Standing alone surrounded by nothing
for all that once was is now abandoned
sky dark as night though it’s only midday
no color to be seen just shades of gray.

Wind blows dust across the desolate fields
ominous grey clouds take over the sky
life giving rains are too little too late
forsaken forever is this land’s fate.

For all that once was is now abandoned
sounds of children playing heard never more
windows boarded up no one to look out
four walls and a roof are all that’s left now

Copyright © 03/11/13 Hugh Tague