America Deceived


America Deceived
by  Hugh A Tague

The American dream was once so clear
equality and freedom was the call.
“We The People” see through rose colored glasses,
while the wealthy cover their greedy asses.

False prophets preach to the mindless minions,
cloaked within a facade of righteousness.
With funds made from the sweat of the deceived
they reign supreme from the highest of seats.

Forty acres and a mule once proclaimed,
still we’re played for fools by those we elect.
Hungry and homeless children go to sleep,
both parents work still they can’t make ends meet.

Just poverty and despair trickle down,
our working class poor bearing the brunt.
Their children in service now blindly stand,
for corporate profit they die in foreign lands.

Forty acres and a mule once proclaimed,
false prophets preach to the mindless minions.
“We The People” see through rose colored glasses,
while the wealthy cover their greedy asses.

Time With My Girl

by  Hugh A Tague

Your eyes twinkle with a love just for me
My skin crawls with my souls deep desire
A love so pure that no one else can see
Passion so great, my heart burns like fire.

Our bodies fit together in every way
Your angel face just barely touching mine
As if molded from the same piece of clay
I forget all else losing track time.

Your soft and tender skin I do so miss
Oh how your gentle touch drives me insane
Your perfect lips and a sweet loving kiss
Our love is special and can’t be explained.

When together all is right in the world.
Nothing is better than time with my girl.


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With Heads Bowed


With Heads Bowed
by Hugh A Tague

Late morning sun shines bright
through the limbs of leafless trees.
Halloween pumpkins just a month old,
on my porch, now covered with snow.

Winter’s clear cold skies came early,
Fall’s first snow, more than a coating.
Frozen air blanketed the land by night,
the lake’s top forms a layer of skim ice.

A Cornucopia overflows with Nature’s bounty,
the aroma of fresh herbs permeate my home.
Friends and family come from near and far,
traversing great distance, by plane and car.

A fire burns in my family’s brick hearth,
the great bird roasts throughout the day.
Loved ones catch up, sipping glasses of cheer;
this place in time, I shall forever hold dear.

The main table fills with food, piping hot;
the kitchens wealth prepared with love.
Smiles surround the festive dining hall,
with heads bowed, we gave thanks for it all.